Where can I find out more?

    Please check the project page here.

    Why is Anzac Park being closed and demolished before the Aquatic Centre will be built?

    The Anzac Park redevelopment has been planned to replace the ageing Anzac Pool and create public open space which honours our Anzac tradition and links the riverside with the CBD.

    Council has always said that neither project can go ahead without state and federal grants being obtained, and Council has been committed at all times to ensure a transition that’s as smooth as possible.

    A $5 million grant has been obtained from the Federal Government through its Building Better Regions Fund to enable the redevelopment of Anzac Park. It’s a condition of the federal funding that work needs to be completed by 31 December 2023, however a grant period extension was provided by the Federal Government to Council. The project therefore has to commence as soon as possible.

    During the transition, people who normally use Anzac Pool will be able to use Norville Pool and Bundaberg Swim Academy. Council understands that some inconvenience will occur, however believes the final outcome will be well worth it. 

    Will there be a water play park?


    The ANZAC Park redevelopment will include an adventure style playground and a small zero-depth water-play area. 

    What else will be at ANZAC Park?

    The Anzac park redevelopment will include multiple areas for the community to enjoy:

    The Burnett Peninsula 

    This is the main day to day recreational attraction for the park. It is intended to be built up, to offer a prominent headland able to be seen from all approaches to the Park. The peninsula will include a substantial adventure style playground, challenging children of all ages to push themselves higher. At the end of the peninsula will be a cultural hub, which will offer expanded views of the river as well as interactive elements displaying general history of the area. This space is designed as the main day-to-day attraction of the park, seeking to ensure families and tourists actively use the space during the week and outside of major events. This will attract visitors to spend more time in the CBD, to enjoy the park and the retail and services available within a short walk to the main street. Amenities within the peninsula will include an adult accessible change room, ensuring the facilities are available for everyone in the community.

    The Entertainment area 

    This area is built for the community, offering multiple experiences to promote and support the rich theatre, music and dance culture embedded within Bundaberg. The Entertainment area offers the opportunity for the Bundaberg community to thrive within a CBD located parkland by creating a central, accessible and distinct arts and culture platform. The space consists of a turfed open area that gently slopes towards an outdoor stage. It will support a variety of performances and will ensure Bundaberg is able to take advantage of its enviable climate and outdoor lifestyle. The entertainment area will be able to host events for up to 8,000 people standing (pre-COVID numbers) in the grassed area. The grassed area will support vehicle access, allowing markets or food vendors to operate from the fringe in support of an event. This space will provide Bundaberg with an outdoor event venue that it does not currently have, and its situated within the CBD to ensure that flow on benefits are carried through to existing businesses. Where the Burnett Peninsula services the day-to-day activity the entertainment space is designed to facilitate events. In addition to providing a purpose designed space for the numerous events already held in the CBD the entertainment area also provides avenue for outdoor concerts which will help develop a night-time economy within Bundaberg’s CBD.

    Anzac Area 

    The Anzac area is a commemorative space dedicated to the region’s service personnel. It will provide opportunity for quiet reflection away from the busier Burnett Peninsula. It will consist of Anzac Avenue skirting a smaller open grassed area, this memorial walk will provide opportunities to display names, locations or significant events involving service personnel and service animals from the Bundaberg region. The existing Anzac memorial will be relocated to provide a focus point for commemorative services and events proposed to be held in this space. A smaller event space will have a capacity of approximately 3,000 people standing (Pre-COVID numbers) and supports smaller events or impromptu performances conducted from a stage proportioned to the expected crowd size.

    The River Terrace 

    This area will improve the outlook to the river and increase access to the existing riverside walkway. Uncovering the riverside walkway is important to show people it exists and increase its active use. In accordance with the Riverside Masterplan the long-term intent is that the riverside walkway spans the length of the river within the CBD and immediate surrounds and links East Bundaberg through to Bundaberg West. The River Terrace will create shaded reflective spaces where visitors are able to appreciate the Burnett River and surrounding landscape.

    How will ANZAC Park honour service personnel

    Council will work with relevant groups to incorporate features into the final design that commemorate and continue the important ANZAC legacy at the site. Plans to commemorate the locations strong ANZAC legacy will be developed over the coming months and incorporated into the project. 

    Memorial and Commemorative Art Opportunities 

    Spread throughout the four areas described above the redevelopment of Anzac Park presents the following opportunities for memorials and/or commemorative art pieces.

    The opportunities include:

    • An entrance feature as an obvious statement identifying the park.  
    • A series of smaller memorial stations.
    • Inlays in the memorial avenue.
    • Opportunity to use the existing memorial modifying it to raise its profile.  
    • An opportunity for more of an interpretive piece displayed on the retaining wall that leads down to the riverside walkway.
    • Opportunities for memorials etc within gardens.
    • Opportunities for memorial or commemorative elements to be incorporated into park furniture.